By Julia M. Drew

Friday, March 20th, and Saturday, March 21st, are the big days for North Shore Middle Schools young and talented actors.

The play, “School Daze,” by Lindsay Price, is a middle school comedy in one act that is going 
to be performed by some of our very own seventh and eighth graders! The talented facilitators who are leading the North Shore students in this school production are Mr. Lang, Mr. Messemer, Mr. Chillemi and Ms. Shea.

With several weeks before the play, these motivated actors have just received their roles for the play and are buzzing with excitement! With about two roles assigned to each student, the move is on for E3 Stage practice.

Today, they explored the daring acting exercise known as Improvisation. Starting off with Mr. Lang pretending to stretch as if seen in yoga, a young seventh grade actor calls out “freeze”, and a new scene begins. Two confident students create a scene in front of their peers, until another brave actor from the crowd shouts “freeze” and takes the place and position one of the two actors are in and starts a new scene.

These young actors are working very hard, while sharing many moments of laughter, to put on a spectacular performance for their audiences on Friday, March 20th, and Saturday, March 21st, in the Middle School Cafetorium.

As time begins to pull this fun school event closer, further details will be announced regarding tickets and more! As they say in theater, “break a leg” to all the performers in the 2015 seven and eighth grade school production, “School Daze!”

Photos by Shelly Newman