Just like every other website, Ask.fm started off as just a social media website that allowed friends to ask other people simple questions. But over time, it went from being a small, simple website to being a place that turned nice, quiet kids into savages that feed on the weak and crush each desperate teen’s dream.

Throughout the school, certain students are being bullied through Ask.fm. Obviously, during our lives we meet people whom we end up disliking or becoming very close with. But, expressing your feelings about someone through a social media website won’t fix your issue. When we’re left stuck in a certain predicament, leaving things unsaid is better than speaking out against that one person publicly. Ask.fm has ended friendships, ruined lives, and weakened individuals’ self-esteems. When you’re left alone not knowing what to do, the best decision is to just delete your account (I know, how can you even think about that?).

Being stuck in a hole doesn’t mean that there’s no way out. When you’re being bullied, ask your friends for help or advice on what to do. However, telling a parent always helps because, in some cases, your parents will know how to handle the situation better than you. If you’re ever in need of help, you can always go to the people you trust the most.

If there’s ever a situation where people degrade or insult you, never let the bully have the advantage over you. Whenever a bully, or even your friends, say something to belittle you, that doesn’t mean that you should change just so that you can fit in with their opinion of how you should “really” look. Whenever you feel that the people around you are a bad influence on you, leave and try to be the person that you want to be, not whom they want you to be.

Just know that the people who harm the innocent will always end up being the ones affected the most. So, tell a friend, delete your account, or just ignore it. You’ll find that disconnecting yourself from it all isn’t your last resort; it’s always a choice. So choose correctly.

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  1. Oh the irony. You’re talking about Anonymous bullies and the such, and this article was written by “Anonymous”