In the winter season, the boys volleyball team practices with intensity, integrity, and informality. With Timothy Bridgwood as the coach, the boys start off their season as beginners and end as professionals.Last year the boys went 3-8, and, surprisingly, they were happy with their record. To them, quarter 3 is a time when they can be competitive but also be themselves. Clearly, at North Shore boys volleyball isn’t the most intense game, but win or lose, these boys just play to have fun. Each student automatically made the team since there were absolutely no cuts. Now this could be a bad thing, but, in this case, having an open team is the least of the boys’ worries. Throughout the next 10 weeks, these athletes will spend each day practicing from 3-5 pm at Glenwood Landing.

Each year many join the team, and there are always people who come and go; but at the end of the season, each player becomes closer with the others. From the basic bump, set, spike, these boys learn correctly how to play volleyball but also have fun while doing it. Mr. Bridgwood coaches the team strictly but also lets the boys (and himself) relax at certain times. This year’s team seriously wants to end the season better than last year, but, then again, this team also wants to end things just like they started, by being seriously competitive and fun.