By Lucia Hu

Come on, we’ve all seen the latest trends in fashion, whether it was from a celebrity on the red carpet or the trendy girl in your math class. It’s no surprise that the 90’s are slipping their way back two decades later. It’s a well-known fact that fashion repeats itself, just like history. Some say it’s some huge metaphor for people looking back for something they lacked in the past. Others just like the look. I think most people fall into the latter category. 

There’s no helping it. Chokers to flannels to Doc Martens, they’re all coming back. High-end designers like Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, and Hedi Slimane just can’t stay away from the 90’s. In fact, last year, Calvin Klein re-launched items straight from his 1994 collections. Right from the runway, grunge has managed to trickle its way down to us. Multiple celebrities, including supermodel Cara Delevingne, Tyra Banks, Katy Perry, and Kate Moss, were spotted sporting iconic 90’s trends.

Even Google is aware of the changes in fashion. According to the Huffington Post, the increase in 90’s fashion searches was skyrocketing. Searches for crop tops were more than 110% higher in July 2013 than in July 2012. With a 120% increase in searches, high-waisted jeans are coming back. In addition, for some reason I myself do not understand, bucket hat searches increased by 120%.

However, it’s not only in fashion that the 1990s are slipping into the present. The hit sitcom “Friends” is quickly making its way back to fame with the younger generations. The 90’s cult classic “Twin Peaks” is planned to return in 2016 and remakes of “Jumanji,” “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” and “Trolls” were rumored to be in production.

Last year, Coca-Cola, after 12 years of it being off the market, reintroduced “Surge,” a citrus-flavored soda; this resurgence was a result of the urging and pushing of a Millennial-led online fan base that funded nearly $4,000 to buy a billboard demanding its return. Similar urgings have led to the return of both General Mill’s sugary cereal “French Toast Crunch” and Mars’ “Crispy M&Ms.” There’s no denying the fact that the 90’s are taking over again, albeit from crazy fans who just love Surge a little too much or high-end designers. From fashion to food to blockbuster movie productions, the cultural influences of the 1990s are reiterating. It’s going to be interesting to see a decade, I was not part of, alive again.