By Julia Drew

The year is flying by. Courses for your next school year are being chosen already. So many decisions to make. A question that will cross the minds of the next year’s middle school seniors: What classes am I going to take in eighth grade? There’s Clash of The Titans, Teacher Training Academy, First Aid and CPR Training, Film Study, Pop Culture, Creative Writing, all courses that shape who you are and who you want to be. But what if you had absolutely no clue who you really are yet? What suits you best? Luckily, Studio Art is a year-long option for anyone with a creative mind and an artist’s soul.

Taking the Studio Art course now in eighth grade opens up all the electives you may want to take in High School, immediately. If you were interested in Photography, for example, you would only be able to take that elective after you had fulfilled Studio Art. “It opens you up to new opportunities in High School. You get a head start, so you can dive right in,” encourages eighth grader, Lilly Martorana. Taking Studio Art in eighth grade is an asset to all orchestra and band students also. In High School, if you wish to continue playing an instrument, you cannot take the Studio Art elective necessary to continue further arts electives. “It’s fun to be able to do art in eighth grade and, well, I also do music, so in ninth grade, I will need to take freshman orchestra in order to be able to take orchestra in the other years. Taking Studio Art in eighth grade allows me to take advanced electives in tenth grade,” explains Hanah Leventhal, a very artistic and musically-inclined student.

Studio Art is filled with a variety of fun activities, including, drawing, painting (still lifes, portraits, etc.), sculpting, printing. There are also some engaging practice activities involved with the course, such as value charts and blending exercises. After projects are finalized, there is usually the possibility of having a party to celebrate the artistic unit, too! Many of the upcoming eighth graders will be very happy to hear about “Free Draw Fridays,” so they can display their creative minds even more!

Studio Art has a cool and calm work-at-your-own pace vibe. The only true seriousness to the room is your concentration and determination as a creative artist. This class enables students to grasp all aspects of art and creativity and teaches them how to properly hone their skills. “You don’t have to be a serious artist in this class,” says current eighth grader, Zoe Goodstone. You can come into this class inexperienced in art and come out educated and filled with creativity waiting to burst out onto paper or canvas. Skilled artist, Lilly Martorana, says, “When you are doing your artwork, you can go in any direction you want, and you can say whatever you want through your work. There is no set rubric to follow.”

There is no better way to visualize who you are or who you want to be than by taking a course where you can explore a wide range of your own artistic expression. Studio Art provides you with a blank canvas of possibilities.