Article and Photos by Kristen Weydig and Nancy Fernandez

Binul Collure, Alex Mazariegos, and Daniel Purcell, students of the Life Skills Class, are preparing for a science enrichment class with Mrs. Kelly. In their most recent lesson, the students were asked to build up their skills in measurement and chemistry. The students practiced their abilities by measuring and pouring amounts of sugars into graduated cylinders and dissolving different quantities into boiling water. They also discovered how to rotate a magnet on the bottom of a boiling beaker full of water. Students say that after setting up this experiment, they feel great about being scientists. We would like to give special thanks to Mrs. Kelly, Mr. Louissant, Mrs. Trotta and Mrs. Gromling for allowing us to observe their class!


  1. It was wonderful working with these budding scientists and I look forward to working on future experiments with them