The words below hath not portrayed The ground and vivid thoughts today
That my fate be uncertain and unjustified
As I lay among tapestries of water blue
And souls of those who feel the same

Thy notes and papers plead for my release
To be released among others who’ve not seen
Thy true self unveiled by a cut to the throat
By a beast that decided not to stay but leave
Right away

Although they haven’t witnessed thy torture
Or felt the friction of metal upon their supple skin
Thy wounded soul cannot portray the thought of
Not being here today.

One will not feel such emotions as easily as me

Nor know the pain or greed
To be released and put vengeance on the man
That put you in that sea of sheets and grotesque thoughts of demise
Thy demise has not been shown that day
Now that I’ve freed myself

I might seek vengeance on the man that has disheartened me!