By Mark Reali

The Women’s Varsity Basketball Team is heading the State Championship. They were the No. 1 seed in the playoffs. Out of the last 4 years, the girls won three Nassau County Championships. This year they are going farther than just counties.

One of the reasons why the varsity women’s basketball team is going so far is thanks to father, teacher, and (known on the court as) Coach Freund. He has found a way to win at all costs. When asked about the key to success, Coach Freund responded, “Having very talented kids that work hard and are dedicated to winning.”

The girls tried out and competed in a series of obstacles to see who stands out. Those who are on the team have persevered and continued to go 100% at all times when they are on the court.

Also, with the amazing talent these girls have, it is almost impossible to beat them. They are not only good at basketball, but many of them excel at other sports like lacrosse, etc. Since they are so extraordinary at sports, some of the players on the team are playing sports in college. Alex Cantwell is going to Lafayette for basketball. In addition, Samantha Capobianco is going to SUNY Brockport for lacrosse, and Kelly Johansen is committed to USC for lacrosse.

The team’s next game will be held next Friday, March 20, in Albany, New York. As for the plan going into the next game, Freund says, “We scouted them, so we know that they are a balanced team; so we have to play a team defense. Also, we put in some plays to exploit their defense.”

At the end of the day, the North Shore Varsity Women’s Basketball team plays to have fun and just enjoy winning. After they won their third county title, Coach Freund stated in Newsday, “Many teams win counties, some even win 2, but it is very rare you win 3.”