By Abby Nation

I’m a 10th grader attending Johnstown High. I’m in my English class, right, taking an exam. This grade is really important to me. I’m not doing that well, and this could help boost up my grade. My phone is vibrating in my pocket right now, but I can’t answer it; my teacher has already ripped up two kids’ tests for even seeing their phones out, so I can’t risk anything. But it just keeps on vibrating and vibrating. 

I don’t know what to do, so I ask my teacher if I can go to the bathroom; of course, she said no, but I am free to go after my exam is done. I am trying to finish as fast as I can, but my phone keeps on vibrating more and more and more. I’m starting to think it’s really bad, or that it’s a kid trying to mess with me trying to make me fail. Not sure what it is at this point, I scribble down the last part of my exam. I know I’m going to get points off, but I need to know what’s on my phone. It’s eating at me.

I ask to go to the bathroom. When in the stall, I check my pocket, but there’s no phone. I’m so mad at myself right now. I just screwed up my whole exam to answer a text on a phone that’s not even there! So right now, I kind of do have to pee, but then there is another vibration…but only, this time, it’s not on my leg, the sensation is on my lower hip. So, I lift up my shirt and there’s a small bulging black lump under my skin. But before I get the chance to touch it, it vibrates and moves away.