By Katharine Colgan

Blood. All I see is blood. Why did this have to happen to me? All I wanted to do was take a short-cut home from school. Great, just great. A corpse stands 2 feet away from me. Looking into the blood I see myself. My name is Emily Robertson from Michigan High School. But now I look back into the blood and see a figure. A dark figure. I can barely make out a tuft of brown hair from under its hood. What’s that….ahh! A shiny object is in my shoulder. I pull it out. Pouring out of my wound is my own blood. What the heck just happened. The figure is getting away! I’ve turned a left corner and gone straight into a dead end in less than 5 seconds. Just my luck, I think to myself. A cold breeze makes shivers creep up my spine. I turn around to find my brother staring at me. At first I don’t realize that he’s holding a knife….but by that time it was too late. My brother stabbed me twice in the chest. Just enough to kill me. You’d think, well then how am I telling this story? That event happened two years ago. Also you should probably know I’m telling this story in an alley. If you make a left and then go straight, you’ll end at a dead end. Oops, must have told you to go the wrong way.  Turn around. I think you’ll find a figure with a knife. Say something, because it will be the last thing you’ll ever say. One…two….three… You’re dead.