By Staff Writers

Step 1) Look through the 500 problems 

Step 2) Choose one of the problems

Step 3) State and solve the problems in a creative film

Step 4) Post the video

Step 5) Vote for the video

Above is exactly what a group of 6 students do every Thursday at their club. They are called the Reel Math Club. Alyssa Hartmann, Carly Thoet, Andrew Mclellan, Scott Lenney, Lucas Castle, and Lianna Boradonno make up 3 of the 4 teams from North Shore to get accepted to the Math Counts Video Challenge, a national contest sponsored by the Math Counts Foundation. This means that the Reel Math Club videos showed the dramatization and creativity necessary to be selected as semi-finalists, beating out 650 other submissions. The 100 semi-finalists will have their videos judged by the Math Counts Foundation and Hollywood producers.

Now that only 100 of the original 750 submissions are left, the pressure is on! On April 3rd, the winners will be announced. As if having Hollywood producers viewing their videos wasn’t enough of a prize, the winners will also receive a 1,000 dollar scholarship towards the college of their choice! It takes a ton of creativity and logical thinking to create a visual context for a challenging math problem. The team worked incredibly hard to make their videos the best they can be and prove to the world that math can be exciting, engaging, and applied to the real world.

Come and join the club on every Thursday from 3:00 to 3:30. There’s always room for more participants to join the world of film and mathematics! Keep your fingers crossed for North Shore’s 6 semi-finalists.¬†