By Katharine Colgan

If only I wasn’t six then maybe I’d be like my older brother. Strong, smart….musically gifted. I can’t do anything. Mommy and Daddy say I’ll be more like him when I’m older. But I swear there is something funny about him. Whenever he plays his fiddle mom and daddy run to his bedroom door to listen. They never do that when I play my recorder. Also, last time I checked we don’t have neon lights in the house. The last time I walked past his room while he was playing the lights under the door were a neon yellow. I didn’t think much about it until now. He scares me. His eyes are a deep brown that I feel looks into my soul and sees all the wrong I’ve done. I once almost told him that I stole his ice cream a week ago without him knowing. I just have that feeling that he already knows but didn’t stop me. I’m ok with that. It was my favorite flavor. Mint chocolate chip with pieces of cookie dough. Best flavor ever.

Anyways, lately my brother has been getting weirder. Whenever I’m around him the drapes on the windows are thrown around and the room temperature drops. I think there is something wrong with him. I went to the library today with Mommy and Daddy to read more about weird lights and creepy occurrences. Overall the books told me that these occurrences only happen around a demon or ghost. My brother,a creepy weirdo…yes. My brother a demon…no. All things considered,I’ll remember this. When I got home, there was a neon yellow light under my door. My door! I’m not a demon. Demons are for little kids. I’m not a little kid. I want to create a greater demon. I want to rule the world and destroy anything in my path. That was weird. My brain hurts now.

Shadows. Why do I only see shadows now? The world is spinning. What…why…how…

My brother is standing over me.

“Where did you get a knife from,” he asks me? I look down to find a steak knife in my hand. What? Where did that come from. I try to drop it but I’m not in charge of me anymore. Why can’t I drop the knife? Help! “I don’t know where I got it from, but I know where it’s going,” I say as I stab him twice in the heart.

“Bye, bye.”