By Aisha Kenny

“Where are we going?” I asked my step mom.

She just ignored me, it’s like her “daily routine”. Her name’s Sierra.

The flight attendants call for my flight number, and Sierra and I dart off to the boarding gate. I get on the plane with Sierra and find my seat. Everyone who is also on the flight is always laughing… Weird.

Sierra looks out the window with no expression on her face. I shrug, and without a warning plane starts to fly into the air. It took a while until we are up high in the clouds. Then the pilot’s voice goes on the speaker,

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are now off to –“

A long and loud piercing sound interrupts the pilot. The speaker’s probably broken. I shut my eyes to take a nap.

I dreamt that the flight was empty. Literally. No one. I look to my right to see Sierra, sobbing and screaming while shaking me,

“Tony, get out of here now!”

I wake up, breathing heavily and sweating. To make sure I was really dreaming, I look to my right… Where’s Sierra? I look around the plane… Where are the people on the flight?

I got out of my seat, and walked around to look for someone. As I kept on walking, I saw a flight attendant… She’s tied up to a seat with thick tape on her mouth. I tapped on her shoulder, and she suddenly wakes up and starts struggling to get out of the seat. Her eyes are all black.

I walk away, and see the door to the pilot’s room. I knock, no answer. I walk in, and see some liquid dripping from the ceiling. I look up to see both pilots stabbed in the chest with a knife attached to the roof. I look out at the big window in front of me, and I see little specs on the ocean. I look closer… To see the people on the flight lying there on the water. I then realize that the plane is still flying, even though the pilots are dead.

I run back to my chair to see Sierra again. She said,

“Go, now!”

And in the blink of an eye, she’s gone. I’m crying.

The plane shakes like crazy. And then there’s a big crash. After it seemed like everything has settled, I headed towards the emergency exit door and open it, to see that the plane’s on the ocean. I see the bodies that were on the plane, just floating there.

Behind me, I hear a very faint weeping sound. I turn around to see a little girl crying, her hair and hands covering her face.

“Hey, are you ok?” I asked her.

I saw that she was staring right at me through the gap between her hair, her eyes full of darkness. I see Sierra behind her, her eyes also black, saying:

“I told you to go.”

I hear a shrieking scream and everything goes black.