By Charles LaMarca

What is happening and why did I write this article?

Governor Cuomo of New York State recently proposed a change to public education that would make teachers’ jobs largely dependent on state test results. If students don’t do well and/or don’t improve each year, their teachers can get fired. This puts pressure on teachers to replace regular teaching with test prep. To make it even worse, the tests don’t even benefit individual students. The teachers are not given enough information about test questions or how each student performed on the exams. This means that they lack the information from the tests that would allow them to learn how to teach their students better. Instead, the exams are mostly used by the government to rate teachers and schools. Over the past few years, the government has not listened to parent protests about the misuse of these tests, leaving the only remaining option to refuse to take the tests.What can you do? 
Take political action to save our schools! Talk to your parents about opting out of the state tests to help save our schools, teachers, and education! If enough students refuse to take the tests, then the results can’t be used against us!