By Olivia Garry

Although this is only the middle school, across the street is the scary world of newfound responsibility and facial hair: the high school. A large debate currently going on about sports has arisen. The question: Should kids have to practice and play games over a break? Many people have made different arguments about practice times. 

Supporters of practicing over the weekend state that since the team members make a commitment, they should own up to it and do their fair share of practicing. Also, when kids practice more they get better and contribute to their team by being a better player. Finally, kids get to be more active and get in shape. Over the break, instead of lying around playing video games, kids will have to get active and practice. 

People against practicing over the weekend believe that since kids are on a break, they should really have time just to relax and, well, take a break. Time over break can also be a nice time for kids to bond and spend time with family. Also, over break kids can have time to catch up on homework and study. Having practice may interfere with being able to catch up with work. Finally, people pay for vacations to go on over break. A school policy is that if a team member misses a certain number of practices, they cannot play on that team anymore. After paying lots if money to go on a trip, the player will miss the practices to go on that trip and will not be able to play on the team. If many kids go away, then they will have to leave the team and might not have enough team members.

Therefore, there are many points contributing both sides of this argument. Supporters say that team members are fulfilling their commitment to the team, getting active, and are becoming better players. Opponents of practices over the break say that players need time to relax, study, spend time with family, and go on vacation. Which side do you agree with? 


  1. Great, well written article! As for the debate, I think these practice rules are in place for the safety of the student athlete. Particularly in contact sports, it is unsafe to compete in a game without proper practice time. We also have to compare sports to all school activities, our music directors don’t tell our students to put down their instruments over Spring break. Thanks for writing about this subject, keep up the great work!