By Emma Morley

Watching television can be fun and boring. It is another lonesome weekend of watching movies. Tonight’s a horror movie,”BeetleJuice”. I’m halfway through the movie, when I hear a voice saying, “Say it, chant it, shout it.” Then, “What are you afraid of? It’s just a movie.” All in a raspy whisper. I know I’m imaging things, but what the heck. So I say it,”BeetleJuice.” Then I chant it, “BeetleJuice!” Then shout it, “BeetleJuice!” I hear a crash, a thud, and an “Ah, it feels good to be back!” I rush toward the sound but I’m too late, my one glimpse of the old man was not pretty, before, POOF! He was gone. I know what I had to do…

  1. Finish the movie.
  2. Do whatever the people in the movie do to get BeetleJuice away.
  3. Have a snack.

Well, I finished the movie. I know what must be done. I say it, “BeetleJuice,” I chant it, “BeetleJuice,” I shout it, “Beetle–“. I’m cut off suddenly and I can’t move my mouth. POOF! The weird man appears. “No way were you going to do that to this guy! I haven’t felt this great since the 60s… of the 1500s… come on, were you going to put this sweet old man back in a box?” If you’ve seen the movie, then the correct answer would be yes! “Okay I’m going to open your mouth and you are not going to say my name, we clear?” I nod. I finally feel my mouth again. I take a moment to realize what I need to do. I put on a sweet smile. “BeetleJuice,” I say quick and under my breath. Before he realizes what I said he starts to shrink into nothingness.

I’ve learned an important lesson today. Do not say it, or chant it, or shout it. And always finish the movie. Now, excuse me, I have a snack to eat.