By Lily Berger

Being an eighth grader at North Shore Middle School gets me thinking of what my future consists. Attending the High School next year is very intimidating. I get the support and assistance I need from my teachers here, and I am afraid to receive none next year. Will I have assistance from teachers next year? Will I receive help?

My future in the high school consists of many worries. Choosing classes is one of them. When in the high school, you decide what classes you want to take. You can decide between regions, honors, and AP classes. There is much more work to complete in all your classes and at home.

More work means more effort. The high school requires more work and assignments that must be completed when told. Additional tests will be assigned and will require  more studying time, which is a struggle for me. I do not do well when it comes to test taking, but I know how to work hard and try my best in order to succeed.

In the high school, you build many relationships. There are greater amounts of people in the high school and more people to get to know; such as at lunch, you will be combined with people from different grades than you. Strong friendships that have been shared in the middle school will stay with you, but more will begin.

The high school is definitely a challenge, but I know I will succeed with how hard I have worked in the middle school and how far I have come. Giving up is not an option, but not trying is. I am not the person to not try; I will always work hard and aim to success no matter how hard or big of a challenge.