By Gabi Roach and Miranda Kianka
On May 3rd, for the 8th (and last!) time, the MS Walk is  being held at Belmont Lake State Park by Marnie Schleifman and Dan Chemnitz, who are the team captains for the North Shore Central School District. 

MS stands for multiple sclerosis. It is an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system. It prevents messages from getting to the brain (stopping actions like rest). Scientists suspect this disease attacks a coating around nerve cells called myelin. It can be fatal. The MS walk is designed to raise money to increase awareness about MS. The North Shore Middle School is collecting money in each advisory for this walk. Last year, the North Shore team had the most people and raised almost $9,000. Over the course of the years, the team has raised over $40,000! 

It is a fun way to exercise, hang out with your friends, and bring awareness to people in the community. Come with your dogs, family and friends, and enjoy the beautiful day (the event will take place rain or shine) while supporting those enduring this battle.

Last year’s MS Walk, 2014