By Miranda Kianka

How amazing can a cell phone camera be? The cameras on our phones are obviously bad quality and pixilated. This tiny device with a tiny camera must just be a cheap add on. These conclusions might be misguided. Believe it or not, our phone cameras have better photo quality than some traditional cameras. Some people are assuming the camera phone is terrible based on the photos they have taken. Others love the camera phone and the quality. The truth is that it takes effort for an amazing photo. It depends on way you take the photo. There are numerous ways to take an amazing photo.
These are some tips to take a quality photo with your phone:

  • Light: According to John R. Johnson, a professional photographer of golf courses, “no light, no photo.” The lighting of the photo greatly impacts the viewer’s outlook. Dramatic light can emphasize perspective. Lighting can attract attention, add suspense/and or tension. Lighting can represent mood in a photo. Make sure the moment is captured. For example, even black light at night can capture the presence of a subject in a photo. You just have to focus on the subject and the lighting to have the effect. 
  • Composition: Composition is the placement of an object to give the full effect in a photograph. Using composition, you may change the way we see everything in life. There are so many perspectives and angles to take a photo, “Get higher-get lower-move closer-change your angle,” says Johnson. Having composition in a photo brings out your true artist. It shows organization and allows the viewer to ponder deliberately about why s/he placed an object in a particular position. Color is also another option. Color is contrast. It engages the viewer with your work of art.

These two style elements are only two out of hundreds of elements to construct an amazing photo. Don’t understimate the power of your phone camera. 
It’s easy, it’s quick, and you can always capture the moment. Don’t assume your phone won’t have the quality you want. It’s all about how you capture it.