By Sofia Barbetta

One of my favorite songs is “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift, but I haven’t bought it from iTunes. I usually like to listen to it from the internet whenever I want. Recently, Taylor Swift, who is one of the biggest pop stars in the 21st century,
removed her music off Spotify. Spotify is a very successful business with over 50 million users around the globe. If you have a free account with Spotify, you can listen to any song you want, wherever you are, for free. You don’t even have to pay to have the app or an account. Other musicians have removed their music as well, but they will regret it.

Have you ever heard of Pandora or iTunes Radio? Spotify is just like that, but when they glitch out, I go to Spotify. Spotify has a lot more variety of genres, songs and artists. There are three types of Spotify accounts. You can get music with no advertisements for $10 a month, or you can get unlimited music (with ads) for $5 per month, or what I have, a free account with no fees (but limited songs played). I do enjoy Spotify because I follow many artists and I get to hear all my favorite songs for free. They want to have the option to hear their favorite artists. However, musicians dislike that fans are listening to their music for free. “I’m not willing to contribute my life’s work to an experiment.” Swift states in a Yahoo interview ( Swift also says that “music has no value” when it’s free. But it’s not like Spotify is stealing her music and letting people pay to hear it; Spotify owners paid more than $2 bi!ion dollars to record labels, music producers, singers, songwriters, etc. PLUS, the artists who have music on Spotify get paid a specific amount of money if many costumers stream their songs ( Taylor Swift got almost 60 million streams with “Shake it Off” with Spotify; then she removed her music, making fans upset and discouraging costumers to get a Spotify account.( So it looks like Taylor Swift and Spotify are “Never ever getting back together.” “Artists Who Removed Their Music from Spotify.” CNN News. N.p., Oct. 2014. Web. 29 Nov. 2014. <>.

More than seven artists removed their music from Spotify, which is upsetting costumers and discouraging them to get an account. Taylor Swift and other artists think that since music is what they have been working hard on their whole lives, it should be paid for ( So, that’s why artists prefer costumers to buy the song on iTunes so they will get their earnings and so you can replay that song as many times as you want. But is their fame all about money? Sure, it’s nice getting paid and being one of the top artists of the year, but part of being famous is making your fans happy. The artists who took their music off of Spotify for money, to some this may seem greedy.

To conclude, artists shouldn’t remove their music off of Spotify because they do get paid for having fans stream their music. Artists shouldn’t have to make their fans pay $1.25 for each song from iTunes, they should allow their fans to stream it for free on Spotify. The owners of Spotify do pay the artists and the music producers what they feel is fair. Fans should hear what they want to hear at any time or any place with Spotify.