The Viking Voice needs to market itself to it’s target audience. To appear professional, consistent branding and appearance is crucial.

Our preferred font is the Gotham family, including Gotham Bold, Gotham Medium, and Gotham Light.

In addition, we have two versions of our logos; a maroon version, to be used on a white background, and a white version, to be used on a maroon, black, or gray background. Previews are shown below; my apologies for the invisible white logo.
And, download links are below. Please provide these to anyone who wishes to use our logo. Using screenshots to take the logo from our website is strongly discouraged, as these download links provide the best possible quality.

File Size: 149 kb
File Type: png

Download File

File Size: 108 kb
File Type: png

Download File

The modification of our logo is strongly discouraged; in all usage cases, please ensure that the viking symbol is shown to the left of the logo, that the text is not covered or modified, and that colors remain the same, with the exception of the background color for the white logo.

In addition, a blurred and maroon-tinted silhouette of the viking symbol is often used to break up visual monotony in promotional materials.

By remaining faithful to these simple branding guidelines, the Viking Voice can appear more consistent and professional.