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By Owen Rowell
As the race to the Stanley Cup continues, tension is growing between the four teams remaining: the Chicago Blackhawks, the Anaheim Ducks, the Tampa Bay Lightning and, our hometown, the New York Rangers. All four teams that remain are elite teams in the NHL but only one may hoist the Stanley Cup. 

The Ducks and the Blackhawks are tied in the series 1-1. The Blackhawks tend to really focus more on their skill and two star players, Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, while the Ducks play more of a tough kind of hockey. These two teams met in the regular season a few time, which all resulted in good, hard-played hockey. 

In the Eastern conference finals consisting of the Lightning and the Rangers, the tension was high as the Lightning now leads the series 2-1. The Rangers, who are a fast, high-speed team, were expected by many to go far in the playoffs. They finished a top seed going into the playoffs and, as many New York fans say, “This is our year.”  

The last time that the Rangers did this well in the regular season was when they won the cup in 1994. However, the Lightning are a strong team themselves. Finishing the season as the third seed, the Lighting are a lethal team led by NHL star Steven Stamkos and upcoming star Tyler Johnson. In game two at MSG, Tyler Johnson scored a hat trick and helped his team take game 2.  The Lightning beat the Rangers in every single regular season game this year, and they stand as a huge road block for the young New York team. 

For all four teams that remain in the fight for the Cup, seasons come down simply to skill, toughness and the mindset to win. The 2015 NHL playoffs have proven to be a great show, and the four remaining teams are fighting to the death in order to achieve the ultimate goal, holding Lord Stanley.  

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  1. This is great! I didn’t know how well you wrote! The transition in your entry makes me want to read more! 🙂