By Dan Livoti
For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate. Margaret Heffernan.

Have you ever woken up really mad and thought about why you even were mad in the first place? Yeah, I call that morning madness. You really never know what’s gonna happen in life, but I believe life is based on opinions, opinions that get us into trouble. I feel like all the silly arguments we get into, and all the times we get in trouble with teachers (me especially), all is for a reason. 

We have opinions that make conflict in our life. We all know that feeling, when we are superior than someone, just for that split second, makes us feel good; its human nature. I’m not saying that being a jerk is human nature, but we obviously all have angered someone even if we didnt mean it. As some of you all know, I love to test people. I know it may be disrespectful in most people’s eyes, but all I am really doing is seeking some of their realness, which makes me respect those people more.

One of my hardest obstacles in life so far was finding my own basic opinions, or my own way of expressing myself. As my mom knows like the back of her hand, I had/have trouble with not getting angry when people tell me what to do; that’s my nature. I dont have to show it in the way I walk or talk, but when those little arguments come into play, those extra sides no one has ever seen before, then it’s me bumping heads.”

I still havent fully figured it out yet, but I believe that friends are one of the only people who know your own special nature. If you have a real connection, they wont just use your nature to their advantage in arguments about say sports, or if you’re fighting over a girl that both of you like. They will use it for you so that you know that you really are taking it a little too far. I have had experiences where I have stopped talking to some of my best friends, but you never fully leave friends once they know your nature. You will always have special connections between each other no matter what happens.

So, instead of trying to make other people happy by being someone you wouldn’t usually be if you weren’t at work or at school, remember, we have opinions that make conflict in our life. It’s nature. But we also have friends to let us know when we are taking it a little too far.