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By Cate Feldmann and Alyssa Baumel
My name is Cate Feldmann, and I am in 8th grade. Being an 8th grader, I was allowed to choose from a certain list of electives, and I choose Teacher Training Academy, where we learned how to create and present lessons. After we created our lessons, we got to teach them to either our class, or we got to branch out and teach them to outside classes. 

One day Ms.  Donovan told us about a fantastic group of boys in the Life Skills program and that they were looking for guest teachers. Alyssa Baumel and I were immediately interested. We went into their  classroom and introduced ourselves, and they welcomed us with open arms. We began teaching lessons in their classroom once every week. During those few weeks, we taught many lessons, some including reindeer cupcakes, around christmas time (which was a big hit); we also taught them a science lesson on how to make slime and “I Have a Dream Collages.” 

We had loads of fun during those weeks. And, when our elective of Teacher Training Academy ended, being so nice, the Life Skills group invited us back to teach more lessons for the remainder of the year. On Thursday, March 11, and Friday, March 12, Alyssa and I went back and the boys made collages of all of our pictures that we have from the lessons that we did, and they wrote a little something that they enjoyed from the teaching.

The boys were not the only ones who learned something; everyone benefited from it as well. The program is important to those students, all students, and our North Shore community.