By Ella Begley and Isabel Segal
You know that butterfly feeling you get in your stomach when you arrive at a new place? Well, get rid of it, because the faculty and staff of the 6th grade wing, make it it fun and easy to transfer into the new environment. 
I’m Ella and this is how I made made my transfer.
The first time I walked in the door, I felt a warm and welcome feeling. The teachers were nice and forgiving, even if you were late or didn’t have the right books the first time. Even now, the teachers are really good about letting you go to your locker if you didn’t have something. Once, I forgot to do my social studies homework because I left my social studies notebook in my locker, but Ms. Abel wasn’t frustrated at me or told me I had to stay in at lunch. She was forgiving and said that I just had to try it again for homework.
 Actually, Ms.Abel is only one of the teachers I love and that are so nice to me. Every teacher has made sure that all students got the support and help they needed. Also, Dr. Ferris and Ms. Green made sure that all the new students felt welcome and felt at home.
I’m Isabel and this is how I conquered the first day of school.
If I had to explain how the first day felt, I would say nervous; but to anyone that feels nervous coming through the doors of the middle school, I would say to wipe all those fears away because the teachers at the middle school have been EXTREMELY nice to me. Once I walked into Ms. Abel’s classroom and hearing all the friendly voices, I knew right away that I was going to have a great year with these wonderful teachers. They have been so kind in helping me keep my stuff in place, and I am so glad I am at this school.
I was having trouble knowing what to bring home for homework, but all of my friends and teachers were there to give me the support that I needed. I remember in French class, Mr.Lepetit told us that we needed our dividers, but I didn’t have mine. He understood completely and my friend even asked me if I wanted to borrow some of hers. In the end we didn’t need them, but it was nice to know that people were there to help me.
 The teachers at NSMS are so understanding of us. So, thank you Ms.Abel and all the teachers at NSMS for making our first last day of middle school a great one!