By: Jade Kessler

On September 29th, 2015 the North Shore Seventh grade soccer team played Syosset at North Shore Middle School. It was the first game of the season, both teams did great. North Shore came home with a 2-0 win. North Shore communicated well and played well, team members talked to each other and scored twice.

The two goalies were Giuliana Graziosi and Hayley Fitzpatrick; they both did amazing. In the first half Giuliana was goalie; in the second half, Hayley went into the goal. The two goals were scored by Isabella Tedesco and Sophie Rosencrans. Sophie’s goal was assisted by Maddie Berry and Ashton Guss. Maddie had the ball and passed it to Ashton; then Ashton passed it to Sophie to score the first goal for North Shore! Isabella’s goal was assisted by Ashton Guss. Isabella took the balldown the field with multiple moves before she passed it to Ashton. Ashton crossed it to Isabella, who scored the second goal for North Shore!

Both teams had played through the pouring rain. As for Syosset, even though they lost, they played a great game. They had a few shots on the goal, but they didn’t go in.