I don’t know how I got here. Where I am, why I’m here, or who I am. The only thing I know is that I’m here.
          I keep on walking into the darkness. No protection on my feet. I can’t see them, but I feel them. I’m stepping on small sharp stones as I keep walking. I’m wearing a dress. I can’t see it, but I feel it. The environment had a dark sensation to it. A dim orange light appears ahead. It was a street lamp. Relieved, I start running towards it. I lift the dress up a little so I won’t trip.
            I felt safe when I made it to the only light source. As I stood there for a while, nothing to do, I hear weeping… Of a little boy. I turn around. He was sitting on the ground; knees up, hands covering his face. His chest jerkingly went up and down. He had blue shorts with blue suspenders. His white dress shirt was wrinkly and dusty. His hair was slinger to the side with a heavy amount of gel. I tap on his shoulder. He stops crying. He stops moving.
            “Hey,” I quietly said.
            He stood as still as a statue. Not moving one bit, not opening up to me. I reached out my hand and held his shoulder. He was cold.
            “You alright?”
            He starts breathing heavily, his chest going up and down. I let go of his shoulder. His legs shoot out straight, no longer bending his knees. His hands let go of his face and hit the ground. But his head was still down. Everything happened so fast.
            He just sits there, completely still. I stand up, slowly backing up. In the dim light my dress was white. The boy grunts. I look back down at him, observing his next move. His head slowly lifts up. And I freeze.
            His eye sockets had no eyes; it was jet black. His face was extremely white, and his mouth was open. He stared at me. I was scared but I couldn’t move. I was shaking. He then slowly opens his mouth, too big for his jaw. And screams.
            His scream hurt my ears and they started to bleed. I turn around and run. I run, and run, and run. Back into the darkness and away from the light. His scream only gets louder. My feet get cuts as I sprint away from him. I look back, checking where he was. He was right behind me.
            I run faster, but he follows me. No matter how fast I run, he’s right behind me. Screaming.
            A thorn vine wraps around my ankle and I hit the ground. My ankle starts bleeding in the dark. And the boy just stands there, looking down at me screaming. His scream stops my hearing.
            He hovers over me, and his mouth opens wider, and bigger. Getting closer to me.
            And it goes black.