By Kate Gilliam

The NSMS 7th grade football team is not just a boys football team anymore! Sam Frank has joined the football team this year and is fitting in well!

Sam has been playing wide receiver and safety for the team. She says, “Originally my friends and I were going to all try football, but their parents said no. I decided that I would give it a shot anyway!” Sam shows a lot of courage going out for a team of all boys, especially considering that she has never played in an organized game prior to NSMS. She says that she is enjoying being a part of the team. Sam told me, “I enjoy playing with both boys and girls. I like playing with girls because I have a lot of friends on my teams, but I also enjoy playing with boys too because they are so competitive.”

Sam does other sports as well, such us, gymnastics, dance and cheerleading, where she actually cheers for the Glen Cove Cardinals football team!

Sam has displayed a lot of confidence, courage and leadership by doing what she is doing, and she is a role model for many other kids in NSMS


  1. Very nice article! It’s good to hear that it doesn’t matter what you are, you will still be brought onto a team and treated like a teammate no matter your gender m