“Jack, your friends are here,” Jack’s mom says.
“Ok, I’m coming.” Jack gets his costume on and runs down the stairs. He
opens the door.
“Hey guys, you ready?”
“Yup,” Matt, Tim and Ryan say at the same time. They walk to the street to make a plan on houses to hit.
“First, I’d like to say, nice costumes guys; you did well,” says Ryan.
“I really like your costume, Tim,” Jack says sarcastically. They laugh at Tim’s bumble bee costume.
“Oh, shut up,” says Tim. “Let’s go get some candy.”
Jack says, “Let’s get to work.”
They go to all of the houses in town except one street.
“Ok,” says Jack. “So the only place we didn’t go yet is at the end of town near the cemetery down by Yellow Street. They have the most candy in town. No one goes there because a creepy old zombie walks around the cemetery and takes kids down underground. He eats them in his grave.”
“Maybe we shouldn’t go there,” says Tim. “What if –“
“Oh, stop being such a baby. There is no such thing. We’re going,” Jack says
“Alright, but if I get taken, you owe me 20 bucks,” Tim whimpers.
“Ok, deal. If you get taken, I’ll give you 20.”
“Will we ever see him again if he gets taken?” Ryan says.
 “Ok, let’s just do this so we can get it over with so we can eat our candy in a
nice house by the fire,” Matt says.
“Yeah, let’s go.” They walk over. They get a load of candy from the first
house and start walking to the next house. The cemetery is between the first and second house.
“Ok, here we go,” Jack says.
Tim starts shivering. “I think I’m going to turn around and go home now,” he says.
“No, you can’t miss this. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” says Matt.
“Oh, fine,” Tim mumbles. They start walking and see something popping out of the ground.
“I see the zombie!” Tim yells.
“Calm down; it’s just a grave stone,” Jack says.  “Don’t worry, it won’t bite.”
“Be quiet!” Tim yells. They walk a little further.
“Hey, I thought I saw that bush a little further back.” Matt looks.
Dead silence.
The zombie pops out from behind the bush and runs at the boys. They all screamed. Jack climbed up a tree, Matt dove into a bush, Ryan ran away and Tim hid behind a gravestone. Jack thinks to himself, How is this happening? Everything was silent again. Jack was going to peak his head out of the tree, but right when he was about to he heard, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”
Jack peaked out his head fast this time. He saw the zombie pick up Tim and throw him into his coffin, jump in and started eating Tim.
As Tim got thrown in, he screamed out, “Jack! You owe me that 20 dollars.”
He eats Jack.

Picture of Sleepy Hallow Cemetery courtesy from http://www.thefirst10000.com/