(The following story is based on true events.)
“I’m a bit concerned about what Ollie drew today,” says Mrs. Kitch. “Well, more than a bit… You might want to take a look, and consider psychiatric therapy.”
The boy had drawn himself, a cheerful smile on his face, a barn in the background with flowers that were his height. Next to him in the drawing, there was a woman. But the woman didn’t look to normal.
She was tall and skeletal, with gaping holes for eyes. She had a blank stare, and her mouth was wide open. She had a white dress on, and she had no feet, nor did she have a nose. Her skin was as white as snow, as was her dress. Her mouth, eyes, dress, and hands were dripping with blood.
Under the picture, Ollie had written, “This is Lisa. Lisa is my friend. Mrs. Kitch can’t see her. So she said she is an imaginary friend. Lisa is a nice friend.”
“Oh no,” said Ollie’s mother. “The demon…..”
“She’s back!” exclaimed his father.
They turned around to see their child kicking and screaming. “Lisa! Stop it!”
He was being dragged out the door by something invisible.
The frightened parents lunged foreword and grabbed their son by the legs, but Lisa was too strong. She yanked Ollie away from his parents.
She was dragging him outside and into a white van. The parents heard screaming,
and screaming,
and screaming,
and screaming.
Then silence.