One day on Halloween night in Smith Street Derry, Maine, Marc and his friends were trick or treating. They were all having a great time. They had tons of candy filled up in their pillow cases. At 9:00, Marc’s friends had too much candy and decided to go home. “See you later Marc!” They all said in unison. Even though all of Marc’s friends left, Marc stayed.
He craved more and more every house he went to. He had a gigantic sweet tooth. By 10:00, no one was trick or treating anymore except Marc. By this time it was gloomy and creepy in Smith street. When Marc laid his eyes on this one creepy wooden house, he couldn’t take his eyes off it. It was terrifying. It looked like no one lived in it for years. He had to knock on the door and check if anybody was there. Marc was always up for a good scare.
“Trick or treat,” Marc said. He checked if anyone was inside. No one was. As soon as Marc turned around to go home, the door creaked open. There was a man in a costume. Staring mockingly at Marc, he said nothing, just kept staring.
“Trick or treat,” Marc said hesitatingly. Again no response.
“Hey, nice costume,” he said nervously.
Could this guy really not have a costume, just bare creepy clown skin? “Now think reality,” Marc said to himself. He gave the man’s “costume” a tug, but it wouldn’t budge.
Enraged, the man yelled, “I’m going to get you!” He looked like he wanted to hurt Marc.
Oh no, he really is a killer clown! Marc turned and ran, but he caught a piece of Marc’s costume.
Luckily the piece of the costume ripped out. The terrified Marc sprinted back to his house with every bit of energy he mustered. He finally arrived to his house. He rang the doorbell expecting his mom to answer, but when the door opened he saw the man in the costume. He started to chuckle. He took off his mask. He was a murderer that Mark saw in the news the other day. He started to smile creepily at him.
“AHHHHHHHHHHH,” Marc yelled terrified. He tugged him into the house. Marc could see his dead siblings and parents ahead of him. He was next.

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