On Halloween night I met with my friend Ty. He told me he needed help.

“What do you need help with?” I asked.

“I want to prank Granny Smith,” he said.

“Why would you do that!”


I knew it, ever since 5th grade , Jake and Ty had been enemies over a stupid fight, and now they dare each other to do stupid things to make themselves feel stronger than the other.

“Really, Ty,” I said. “don’t do this she gives me the creeps.”

“It will be fast. I just got to go in her room and wrap toilet-“

“In her house, that’s a real crime!”

“I won’t get caught because you will distract her at the door. Trust me it’ll be fine!”

“Alright, but don’t get us caught.”

“Don’t you know me?” He smiled.

When we reached her house Ty gave me a push up to the porch. With a lot of doubt in my head, I proceeded on her porch and I saw Ty run in the back yard. I knocked on the door, shaking. Then I saw a shadow moving in the window. I was sweating by the time I heard the jiggle of the door knob. The old lady that opened the door was hunched over and had static like hair. I barely could squeak out, “Trick or treat.” No reaction she just kept staring blankly. In the background I saw Ty move into the house.

“Umm uhh is everything ok?” She just stared blankly. Suddenly in the background I heard crashing of plates. Then Ty came running out through the back and screamed.


On that cue Granny Smith started coming closer to me, so I took off running. I heard granny charging a me from behind, so I picked up the pace. Ty screamed, “the woods!” I took a sharp turn with granny still rampaging behind me.

Suddenly a tree root the was above ground tripped me. I fell face first in the dirt. I rolled over to see Granny Smith. But this time her face was bleeding, wait, no, not bleeding; her face was coming off!

I grabbed my candy bag and threw it at her and ran sprinting to my house. Granny was still following. Ty was in my driveway, resting. I yelled to him, “Don’t stop.”

He stumbled when he saw me, but he got up and started banging on my door. By the time my parents opened it, I ran into my house. I didn’t look to see where Granny was, I just too scared.

My mom yelled, “What is going on?”

Ty spilled out his side of the story, “We pranked Smith. In house, running out, tripped over her dead body. Her real one. Her face was ripped off! Yelled to Harry. We ran. I thought she got him. I’m so sorry.”

He was sobbing now.

We can’t talk about that to this day. No one knows what happened to Granny that night and we never will.