I’m sure, dear readers, that most of us, or at least the girls, have heard of Toms Shoes, and their “Buy One Give One” Campaign. Toms Shoes is, quite obviously, a shoe company. On his popular TV show, Adam Ruins everything, Adam Conover of CollegeHumor reveals the shocking truth about common traditions, such as cars, diamond engagement rings and–you guessed it!- Buy One, Give One companies. 
Lets start with “Tom,” the owner and founder of Toms Shoes. There is no Tom (THE TOM IS A LIE). His real name is Blake Mycoskie. Blake, with his sister, has starred in The Amazing Race, a TV show where teams of two race around the world to try to win. During the Amazing Race, Blake went to Africa, where he saw the devastating effects of poverty . Immediately after The Amazing race, he went back to California, where he set up what is now a multi-billion dollar company. 
People loved the idea of giving shoes to the poor, while still getting shoes for themselves. Unfortunately, while the children and people in African countries get shoes, those shoes are hurting them. Very little of the African population are actually in need of shoes. The problem with Toms shoes is that most places in African countries have shoemakers, and cobblers. By Toms giving out shoes, it takes away from the shoemakers, and, in an ironic twist, make them poor, and therefore needing shoes. 
Here’s another strike against Toms Shoes; They’re super cheap. Trying to save money is cool, but when you can literally use hundred dollar bills to block your nose, you can afford to spend more than $4 on a pair of shoes. That’s right, dear listeners, Toms manufacturers each pair of shoes for $4 apiece. Most pairs of shoes from this scam of a company cost $60. That means if $4 goes into your pair of shoes, and $4 goes into the pair of shoes that is ruining African economy, then Mr. Mycoskie gets $52 per pair of shoes. 
Really, Toms Shoes is not helpful to your or anyone in Africa, and just makes money for Blake Mycoskie. Lets all do something useful, and give to a direct, non-profit organization, such as Samaritan’s Purse, or, even better, give the one thing that costs nothing to ship, and, in this day and age, is the single greatest gift you can give–money.