It was 10:30 on a Friday night. Jamie and her friends where lurking through
town. Everyone was telling them to go to the abandoned house. It was deep in the
Jamie walked into the shabby, abandoned house. Or so she thought it was
abandoned. It was dark and black. It seemed like there was no way anyone could
live in such a terrible place. There were holes in the roof and wood covering the
broken windows. The house had old shutters hanging off of it. And in the one
window without wood there was a knife hanging from the ceiling like a chandelier.
Jamie and her friends didn’t see that the knife was dripping red.
Jamie’s friends, Joe and Sally, followed her into the house. All the cool kids
were doing this. They would go into the house, and if they came out okay, then they
were brave and cool.
They had the flashlight on their cellphone turned on. They thought it was a
really bright light that could lead them through the broken house.
The light turned off.
A cackle came from the other side of the room.
The light turned back on… Sally was gone. Jamie jumped into Joe’s arms.
“Help me!!” Jamie exclaimed.
“I got you,” Joe said. “Everything is okay. We will find Sally.”
“How do you know?” Jamie was holding on to Joe as hard as she could. Tears were running down her face like two rivers.
The light went off again
Then came the cackle.
All of a sudden Jamie dropped to the floor.
Joe was gone.
Jamie started running. She had no idea where to go. The light wouldn’t turn back on, and Jamie tried to call for help but there was no service. She was trapped. Every turn she took, she had to face six more. She had no idea where she was going
and felt like she was stuck in a maze.
Soon she realized she ran through the same room several times. She stopped. She heard a creaking; it was the floor boards behind her. She turned slowly. There was no one there. She heard creaking again on her other side. She turned no one was there.
She heard voices calling her name.
“Jamie! Jamie! Jamie!”
She heard the cackle one more time…