By Isabel Segal
On October 19, 2015, Tina Meier came to North Shore Middle School to share her tragic story with us, and share the dangers of social media, and how it hurts people. I think that her story touched the lives of so many people. Her daughter was a victim of an online abuse which is considered as bullying.

Unfortunately, because of this online abuse, she decided to put her own life at risk. She hung herself in her closet. This is a horrible thing that needs to be addressed. Bullying is NOT ok, and people need to realize that because of this bullying, people’s lives are at risk. Early in Megan’s life (when she was in elementary school), she was bullied by her peers who were calling her too big. Tina Meier mentioned to us how she sat on Megan’s bed and asked her what’s going on, and Megan said that she wanted to kill herself. As a mom, Tina said that it was a very frightening thing to hear from her 7 or 8 year old daughter. In the end, Tina and her husband found out that the person who was online abusing her was one of their neighbors, who thought it was a joke.

Tina not only talked to us about bullying, but she also told us that there are many wonderful and amazing things about social media, but there are also many scary dangers that come along with all the wonderful amazing things about it.  This is such a terrible event that occurred, and I think that as a school we can make a difference in our community and in our world.

                                                          STOP BULLYING  

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