I woke up on an unfamiliar rug.
         I got up and stumbled around before regaining my balance. The last thing I remember was opening the door on Halloween. But, no one was there.  I tried opening the door in front of me. Locked. There were no windows. Suddenly, I felt an eerie chilling breeze. In fact, everything here was pretty eerie. I wondered if it was safe to go and look around. I decided to walk into the kitchen.
         This was probably a bad idea, knives are in the kitchen. I took a quick look in and rushed out. I proceeded to the dining room. There was a vase of white roses on the table. The table was set which was odd. I rushed out and dared to go upstairs. There was a long hallway with many doors. All of them were closed. I heard a bang. What was that? I went to the first room in front of me. I jiggled the door knob. Locked. I went to the next room. Locked. I went through all but two rooms and all of them were locked.

          I opened one. It was a bathroom. I froze in fear. There was blood all over the floor. I slowly closed the door. In my head I was screaming. I opened the door to the last room. It was a bedroom. The bed was messed up and there was blood all over it. There was a glass and a single white rose on the floor. I went to pick up the glass but, as my fingers grazed the glass I pulled my hand away. The glass was freezing! The room was warm. I froze. I felt another chilling breeze.
         A whisper in my ear said, “Leave before the white rose wilts or have the same fate.”
         The voice cackled. I stood up and looked around. There was no one there. I tried opening the locked doors again. I was relieved when the first door opened. All that was behind it was a white wall with white rose wallpaper. I had to get out. At the bottom of the stairs there was something. There was a lump in my throat. It was a bouquet of dead roses. I pulled at the boards on the windows. Tears were pouring out of my eyes.
         “What do you want?”, I shrieked. The whole house began to shudder. I went in the kitchen and I saw something I hadn’t seen before.  A door! I opened it. It was a freezer room. This was no normal house. I stepped in this room and looked around. I heard the door slam behind me. I looked back and jiggled the door handle. Locked! The room was freezing! It even felt like it was getting colder. I had no idea how I would get out. So, I sat and waited until someone would find me or until I meet the fate of the white rose.
photo credit: “Dying Rose” by fili1 at Flickr