A single mom had just moved in to a new house with a newborn baby.
She was confused why no one had bought the house, since it was brand new.
 She had a weird a feeling about the house. One day, she asked someone to babysit her baby.
The babysitter is washing dishes when she sees something in the distance. She looked away then looked back. There she saw a man in front of her face. She screams, and runs to the baby’s room. The door is stuck on something. She wiggles the doorknob until it finally opens. The crib is drenched with blood and the window is open and the curtains are blowing in the wind. She saw little blood fingerprints all over the baby’s toys and stuffed animals. Suddenly, a dark green gas fills the house, and she gets sleepy. At that moment, a giant man dressed in a clown costume shows up behind her, wearing a gas mask. The babysitter slowly falls down to the floor.
When the mother gets home, the refrigerator magnets spelled the words “get out”.
She immediately checks on the baby who is lying in a little pool of blood. She screams. She sees a trail of blood leading up to the attic.
A hand with long uncut yellow fingernails reaches around her mouth.
Suddenly the world as she knew it was fading. She awoke next to the babysitter in a dark room where child nursery rhymes were playing on an old scratchy record machine. They were sitting in the sticky blood of his last victims. She saw little kids toys covered in blood all around her. The man took off his mask and said “Your  baby wouldn’t stop crying…but don’t worry, I took care of it.” They tried to speak, but their mouths were covered in an old rag.
He giggled for about thirty seconds before finally saying, “Nighty night, my darlings.”