News By Aiden Hortsmann

     What parent would ever want their kid to get arrested? What parent would want to see their kid get seriously injured? What parent wants to hear that their kid needs money at the age of 30? Football is a brilliant sport for injuries and going to jail. If somebody wants to play football when they are an adult, they might as well just abuse drugs as well because that is what it seems that all football players are doing today. How good is protection if it allows people to get paralyzed or even die? Also, not just football, but competitive sports in general do horrible things to young kids. Kids get stressed out and exhausted and start feeling frustrated at any random time.
     Why do kids play sports? Is it because they want to get hurt every year? If a kid tells his parents that he wants to play football, he’s really telling them that he has a good chance of getting injured. According to, Michelle Kulas stated that “28% of the 5.5 million football players ages 5-14 get injured every year. 187,000 of those football players need emergency medical care.” Football players are taught to be tough, so they think it’s alright to keep playing, even if their head hurts. Obviously, tackle football with pads is a lot safer than playing on the playground. But it’s not a lot safer. CNN reported that Cameron Mathews died of a seizure after a big hit in a football game, adding to the 6 deaths of high school football players that were directly related to a football injury. Mathews told his teammates he felt woozy, but he was taught to fight through injuries and be tough. In the game he took a helmet-to-helmet hit and died of a seizure. Perhaps, Cameron’s safety equipment caused him to die of a seizure.
     Another example is that lots of football players abuse drugs and even go to jail. Since Super Bowl 50, more than 23 football players have been arrested. Take Aaron Hernandez as an example. He was a great football player for the New England Patriots. He played in a Super Bowl and was a solid tight end on the regular season. After the Super Bowl loss, during the offseason he killed his good friend Odin Lloyd. This is not proving that if someone plays football they will kill somebody, but it is proving that the people who think football teaches kids good life lessons and keeps them out of bad habits are wrong.
     Life lessons are supposed to be taught to kids through experiences and not in a game where you try to hit somebody as hard as you can. states that 23 football players have been arrested since Super Bowl 50. Twenty-three were arrested; that’s not including fined or suspended.
     In conclusion, there is no reason why kids should be playing competitive sports. The dangers of kids playing competitive sports are endless and many people who play competitive sports, have died or gone to jail. A five-year old kid should not be feeling stressed out over football.