Throughout time, this classic idiom has been used to show that old habits stay forever. But the question is, can you actually teach an old dog new tricks?

Many articles and websites say otherwise. It’s actually been proven that old dogs have more obedience and focus than young puppies. Since these seniors have been on the earth longer than newborns have, they are more likely to actually listen to what their owner is saying.

A very passionate website,, proclaims, “Some components of aging may slow learning, but continuing to learn new things can keep the mind sharp and greatly increase quality of life for any species.” Even though these dogs are not as sprightly as they used to be, exercising their old bones and mind can increase their happiness and intelligence.

So there you have it. If you have a senior dog in your household, don’t regard them as unteachable from that false statement. Feel free to try and teach them the good old sit or speak. After all, spending time with your canine is the best gift you can possibly give.