By Ryan Dattner
People think that competitive sports are bad and harmful for kids. These people are highly mistaken. Competitive sports help kids develop and create special bonds. Kids need to learn to be with a team. If you can’t work with a team, you are going to have a hard time going through your life. Kids learn so many lessons from being on a competitive team. You wouldn’t want your child to struggle. Competitive sports develop someone’s life mentally and physically.
One reason why competitive sports are good for kids is that they help develop good relationships with peers such as teammates and family. It can be like a second family to them. Life skills are taught when on a competitive team! They learn how to be grateful when they lose and to win pride. They are taught that the game is not all about winning but it is about having fun. “Are Competitive Sports Bad for Kids?” author Tanya Konerman said that “Those 11 and older; kids involved in sports usually do better in school.” This shows that if kids want to play a sport, their parent may want them to do better in school to be able to play it. For example, some competitive sports may require a certain grade point average to join or stick with the team.
Another example is that competitive sports help people under eleven years old to not abuse drugs and alcohol. You would not want your child to abuse drugs. Competitive sports prevent those types of things by creating bonds that are essential for children to have. Their teammates and coach become sort of there second family. Also the sport can relive some stress from the child. Tanya Konerman said, “Help your child enjoy the benefits and fun by allowing her to explore various sports while monitoring her health and stress levels.” This shows that sports can let kids release some stress playing the competitive sport that they love.
In conclusion, competitive sports are good for kids whether it is relieving stress or creating bonds. They learn so many skills that will last them a lifetime. How can someone succeed without knowing how to work and operate with a team? If you think that your child will need these skills, then you should find a competitive sport that is right for your child.