ttp://mission-blue.orBy Robby Roper

The documentary, Mission Blue, talks about how the ocean is not the same as it was 50 years ago. Fifty years ago, the ocean was a beautiful, unknown place.

The ocean was once full of fish and coral. Then we came in and over-fished everything. When people go diving now, they find plastic bags, glass and plastic bottles; even one person, mentioned in the documentary, went diving and found an old school chair.

Also when we started farming, all the chemicals and pesticides would run down through the rivers and right into the ocean. This would feed the algae and create an algae bloom, then the algae will die and use up the oxygen and “suffocate” the other fish and they would die. This is an ongoing process.

We have learned that detergents also contribute to the algae boom. After washing your clothes or dishes, detergents will go into you cesspool. After this, it will seep into the soil and eventually will make it to the ocean and this is feeding then killing algae and killing other fish.

Drilling for oil in places with a lot of fish is a big problem because if there is an oil leak, all the animals can get injured or even die.

Most recently, fishermen go out to fish for sharks, and when they catch one, they cut the fins off and throw the body back in the water. Also, Blue fin stocks are going down really fast because of when we fish for blue fin tuna. Commercial fisherman are overfishing by catching the smaller, illegal fish.

We need to start using natural fertilizers, enforce laws about fishing, invent safer ways to drill for oil, and treat the oceans the we treat the national parks.

Shocking Fact: About 2 months after the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, there was a whale shark sighting. It was the most recorded amount of whale sharks found in history, but they were never seen there again.

Fun fact: The Viking Explorers are going to start making projects that will help protect our body of water right in our backyard to solve this big problem we’re facing.

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