By Matthew Travaglia
What is a drone? I bet most people think that drones are just a thing that flies and helps the Military. Close but not quite. It does much more than just help the Military. Drones are “aircrafts either controlled by ‘pilots’ from the ground or increasingly, autonomously following a pre-programmed mission.” That’s the real definition of a drone. Drones are giving the United States Military an easier way to strike enemies and save many more U.S. Soldiers’ lives. Drones are also reliable and efficient. Drone usage is advantageous to the U.S. Military.
By 2020 there could possibly be 30,000 drones over the U.S. Tell me this wouldn’t help keep us safe. Drone usage is beneficial to the U.S. Military because it’s an effortless way to strike enemies. According to the article, “Invasion of the Drones” from The New York Time, “Drones are playing an increasingly important role in warfare.”  Drones allow the U.S. to strike targets in Pakistan and Yemen where the president cannot send troops. This reveals that drone usage is beneficial to the U.S. Military, proving that drones show an easier way to strike and take out enemies.
Why won’t it work!?  Remember those remote control cars? They just won’t work. Drones are the exact opposite. Drone usage is beneficial to the U.S. Military because they are reliable and efficient. According to the text, “Five Reasons Why Drones are Here to Stay,” Romesh Ratnesar states that Obama said, “’dozens of highly skilled al Qaeda commanders have been taken off the battlefield by drones.’” Some might say that drones aren’t reliable because they are being monitored on a computer, but very rarely does a U.S. Military mission using drones go wrong. Some might also say that drones are killing too many innocent civilians, but according to the research, it also says that “48 drones were conducted to Pakistan last year and fewer than two percent of the strikes were civilians.” Again, this research shows how drones are reliable and efficient and continue to be useful to our military forces. Those remote control cars are back then, drones are now and are helping us out.
Drone usage is beneficial to the U.S. Military because there is less loss of American soldiers. In the article, “Drones Spare Troops, Have Powerful Impact,” Robert Weirner and Tom Sherman state that, “Drones protect our troops from their traditional battle field errors. Drones kill fewer civilians than ground troop operations.” Drones help, we need them. This shows how successful drones are in saving U.S. Military troops.
U.S. Military troops are being sent to the battlefield and are dying every single day, when the ones who should be sent are drones. Admittedly, there are some detrimental flaws of drones, but, overall, drones are advantageous. If people take note of these drones, they can and will become, “The Next Big Thing.” When drones are used correctly they can be a positive part of our culture. In addition to these advantages, drones are being used in many companies such as Dominos and Amazon. Drones can be used in commercial ways and in everyday life. They are the present. Stop playing with your remote control car and start piloting the real thing.