The TSA: Totally Safe Asterisk

Now let me tell you right here, right now, that, in this article, I will reveal stunning and shocking truths about America’s security. This may make you feel unsafe, vulnerable, and/or exposed. This is your chance to turn back.
I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that all of us here at NSMS have gone through, or heard about airport security. The federal Agency behind that is the TSA (Transportation Security Administration).

The TSA has taken many security measures in this country to the extreme. Many other countries do not have things like taking off your shoes, or not being allowed to say the word “bomb”. These security measures that also include walking through a metal detector and checking your luggage with an x-ray machine were all introduced after 9/11. Unfortunately, all of these measures only defended us against the way that we were attacked before- Hijackers*. 

Terrorists can see our security, however, and find ways tp get around it. Heck, I’ve figured out how to get a knife past airport security (But I never will attempt because I <3 my country). If a thirteen-year-old can figure out how to do this, then terrorists can as well.  

The TSA, surprisingly, has an Instagram, on which they post pictures of everything that they’ve confiscated, Replica swords, Vape colognes shaped like grenades, and even *gasp* a knife. Honestly, this shows terrorists that the US doesn’t take security seriously.  Once, to make sure that the TSA was adequate for the job of protect the ways in and out of our country, the Department of Homeland Security tested the TSA, and the TSA failed to find weapons and bombs hidden on a person or in their bags.

All in all, the TSA doesn’t protect us that well, but we do have more air marshals, reinforced cockpit doors, and stewardesses that know how to protect their passengers and themselves. So although the TSA has (mostly) failed us, we can always trust in other people, and our government.

*Don’t say hi to your friend Jack while on a plane