We’ve all probably seen a classic bullfight on TV, in cartoons, or maybe even in real life. A cliche matador stands in front of a bull, holding some sort of red cloth. The bull, for some reason, gets extremely frustrated by this, and charges at the cloth. At the last second, the red piece of fabric is lifted away from the bull’s eyes, only for the poor creature to crash into a wall. But where did this exotic form of entertainment start? Why does a bull hate fabric? And why red?

In fact, the color red has nothing to do with a bull’s anger. The infamous Myth Busters themselves have tested this theory before. Their experiment involved fake matadors and red, white, and blue flags. Each “bull-fighter” was set up in separate areas of the arena. According to their results and Discovery TV, “The red, blue and white flags got equal, half-hearted attacks when they were motionless.” So, what’s the deal?

The color red is actually just a fashion choice for these daring sportsmen. They actually have to wave the red cloth in front of the bull in order to trigger the response. According to thenakedscientists.com, “it’s more likely to be that the bull is excited by someone wearing silly, bright clothes, dancing about and flapping something in the bull’s direction.” So basically, these 1,800-pound monsters are just irritated by people being ridiculous.

So, if you ever encounter a feral bull, DON’T MOVE IN AN UNNECESSARY MANNER.