By Sophie Blumenthal, who serves as a writer and article recruiter for the VV.

           We are all aware of that unspoken barrier between boys and girls in the middle school. How one sex sometimes thinks they’re superior to everyone and everything… Not naming names… *cough* boys *cough*. Ahem. Excuse me. Now, it’s fun to joke about, like I did just now, but gender inequality is a huge problem. Not just in our small community, but in the entire world. And the system is stacked pretty high against girls and women. Some try to ignore it and pretend that sexism doesn’t happen. But I walked into my social studies classroom one day, and when I tried to join in a conversation about politics in the American Revolution, I was immediately shut down. “Sorry, Sophie. You can’t be here. We’re talking like men.” They said the word men like it was some sort of definition for power. For strength. I guess in the world we live in now, man is the definition of power. They have the power to speak their mind, without being dismissed as a silly girl with dreams too big for the size of her puny brain. See, the girls and women of the world have such amazing ideas to share and implement, just as good as men’s, even better. But they are deemed worthless, unless they have a pretty face. Then, people are reminded why they have women in the first place. So they can have a pretty face as a wife. For power. Right? That’s our sole purpose in this world?
            Women are smart, innovative, athletic, and all other fantastic things that some people fail to see. It’s depressing to be part of a human race that thinks of you as a lesser human being. This claim has started to spread slowly to the rest of the world, but by some it is disregarded as a problem of the past, not the present and the future. Did you know that for every $1 a man makes, a woman makes $0.79, according to a study in 2014? Or that 62 million girls worldwide are denied an education? That, for a woman, walking out in the dark is like an invitation for sexual assault? Twenty-five percent of women are victim to sexual assault and rape by a stranger. This does not show a world in which all genders are created equal.

           To receive full gender equality, we have to rise as one, and be part of the solution. Every one of us has to work for this goal. So we can all be one. It is an almost impossible task. But if you recognize the problem, and join the solution, we are one step closer to having women seen as equal to men. And that would be a beautiful thing.

Source of picture: Huffington Post


  1. I think women are viewed in an equal way when compared to men. If you haven’t realized, there is a women (once again) trying to run for president. One hundred years ago that would never have happened. As a country, we have realized how powerful a woman can be but I do not think that all women today are viewed in a negative, less equal way.

  2. You can’t just say that we should be nice to all genders and then call out boys for being horrible sexists.