So sorry this column has been on hiatus for a while!! Unfortunately, the author’s (me :P) devotion to the Viking Voice was temporarily interrupted by her devotion to StagE3. Since that’s all done now, I am back again! And, in light of my return/Team Spirit Week, I figured I would write an article that spoke to us Vikings. Viking Helmets! Without further ado, here is your long-awaited (or, maybe not) article.

Everyone has seen the classically depicted Viking Helmet. With all the spiky horns and sharp edges, it’s become a major part of Viking symbolism. However, were the horns actually there in the first place?

Actually, no. If we take a look at all of the ancient Viking depictions (and an actual Viking helmet held in Oslo, Norway), none of the Viking helmets have horns. Until a few hundred years ago, there was no trace of pointy horns at all.

According to Norse Mythology (viking-mythology.com), “An explanation for the helmet with horns myth is that Christians in contemporary Europe added the detail to make the Vikings look even more barbarian and pagan…” So, yeah. A bunch of Europeans just added some Satan horns to make the Vikings appear evil.

So the next time you see a generic Viking helmet, just know that the entire symbol for Vikings is a lie.