By Isabella Visintainer

I’m sure that I speak for many of us when I say that I—or we—are highly obsessed with our phones. I mean, c’mon, who wouldn’t be? It has so many features that people can’t live without, and also things that people love. But has anyone ever thought of what it does to your body?
It’s not unusual that when you’re settling down before you go to sleep, you check your phone. In fact, it’s very common. But I bet that you don’t think twice about what it’s doing to your body.
If you have a smartphone, your phone has a special light, called a blue light, that ensures that you can see your phone, even on the brightest of summer days. But what does that blue light do to you?
First, it messes up your sleep schedule, which might leave you distracted, which impairs your memory. Also, a sleepless night due to a smartphone makes it harder to learn. In the long term, not getting enough sleep can lead to build ups of neurotoxins, which can lead to worse sleep overall. Also, people whose brains are so used to falling asleep later because of their phones are more prone to depression.
Smartphone light messes with the things in your body that make you hungry, which can lead to obesity. There’s also a connection with lost sleep because of your phones light and some really bad cancers, like breast cancer.
So, I’m not telling you to never use your phone again, because let’s be serious, that’s never going to happen; all I’m trying to say is that we all should limit our time on our phones as we’re trying to settle down. Because if you do, it will all impact us─ for the better.