By Aidan Janusas

The new Razer Black Widow Ultimate 2016 edition has just launched. It’s equipped with many phenomenal features. You can click clack away over 60 million times on each key! Back lit keys offer a customizable light show with different types of light patterns: wave, reactive, static, breathe, ripple and starlight.

Or, you could customize your own light setup. This could help if you use certain keys more often. For example, first person games usually have keys W,A,S,D to move your character. These could be the keys you light up, helping you see the keys better.

Also included is a anti-ghosting key protector. You will be able to hold multiple keys at once with all of them working. This is good for a gamer moving in a game. Also, the keyboard is equipped with a fiber-wired cable, so if you’re transporting the keyboard, the cable won’t tear off.

This mechanical keyboard was rated the best keyboard by CES 2016 (Consumer Technology Association). It is priced at $109.99. Be assured, this keyboard will outshine other keyboards by setting the precedent for keyboard technology.