By Ella Begley

The last few seconds of the Super Bowl 50 game tick down. 3…2…1… and the Broncos have won! As the Broncos run off the field and cheer, Peyton Manning is excited and happy that this is his second Super Bowl win. As that is happening, cameras and news reporters rush down to ask Peyton Manning one important question… “Is this your last rodeo?”
Many people speculate that this will be Manning’s last game. When asked about this, he blows it off.  He says “I’ll take some time to reflect. I’ve got a couple of priorities. First, I want to go kiss my wife and my kids. I want to go hug my family” (Washington Post). Is this because he really wants to be with his family or is it because he just doesn’t know his answer?
When asked again if this was his last game or not, he brushed off any questions about it. “I’m going to take care of those things first, and I’m definitely going to say a little prayer and thank the Man upstairs for this great opportunity (Washington Post). Is it because he just doesn’t want to share his answer?
The latest news is that if Peyton Manning doesn’t make a decision by March 8th, Peyton may not have many options. “If he does not announce a decision within the next six days, the Broncos will need to release him, trade him or guarantee his 2016 contract worth $19 million” (The Denver Post).
So I ask you, will Super Bowl 50 be Peyton Manning’s last rodeo or will he try to push it to his 19th season playing pro football?

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