Hannah Schoen
Inspired by “Harlem” By Langston Hughes

What happens when
a dream is carried out,
when a dream comes true?

Where does it go?

Does it disappear,
leaving you in the dust?
Do you no longer taste the
sweet fame,
now only the bitter bite of
poverty remains?

Or maybe, it goes on a shelf.
a shelf of dreams archived,
of stars shot for and caught.
a shelf with jars,
filled with dreams
of every conceivable color and shape,
a soft buzz in the back of the mind,
a sound
more beautiful that a symphony.
the symphony of dreams
that have fallen asleep for the
long, cold night of being forgotten.

Perhaps they get old,
and wrinkly,
and slowly get sickly and die
with us.

the changing of dreams
is what ages us.

Years don’t matter.

But perhaps,
we ourselves
are our dreams.